CMW News

On 22nd February, 2015 a large number of people gathered in the morning at Vidyanagar campus, Kasaragod, to participate in and witness a unique twin programme – Sarvaiswarya Puja for the fulfillment of one’s desires followed by the Sampoorna Geeta Parayanam by over 1000 people – both students and elders. Right from the morning a large number of people began flowing to the campus. The Sarvaiswarya Puja, the first of its kind held on the campus began at 9.00 a.m. with Swami Sharadananda officiating and heading it in the traditional manner. Hundreds of people participated in it on Swamiji’s guidance and instruction. Swamiji’s officiation of the ritual involved the active participation of all. This resulted in a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment at the end of the Puja.

As if to cap the event of Sarvaiswarya Puja, over 1000 people – including children and adults joined together in Chinmaya Tejas auditorium to chant the celestial song (Bhagawad Geeta) in unison. Imagine over 1000 people chanting Bhagawad Geeta together – the whole of 701 slokas. This amounted to Bhagawad Geeta being chanted 1000 times and thus the programme was named Sapthalaksha Geeta Sloka Samarpana Mahayajnam (a grand recitation offer of 7,00,000 Bhagawad Geeta verses). The programme was inaugurated by Swami Viviktananda in the presence of Swamini Kashikananda, Swami Vishwananda and Swami Tattwananda. It was organized as a forerunner to the forthcoming mega event of CBCC launch at Cochin in May this year where 10000 people will throng to chant the entire Bhagawad Geeta.